IDIA Virtual Battlefield: Batting on the side of inclusivity

IDIA Virtual Battlefield- Batting on the side of Inclusivity

Ever wondered what it’s like to play your favourite games and quizzes online AND contribute to the society while you’re at it? The IDIA Rajasthan chapter brings this opportunity to you in a week full of your favourite games and quizzes on your favourite Netflix shows (because what are we even doing at home). You can help the underprivileged have increased access to legal education while doing what you do best, winning these fun and frolic activities. So bring your A-game because there will be prizes as well. It’s a RACE to the finish ;))
Stay tuned for updates on the games to be held from 24th-30th of July!

Small Actions x Lots of People = BIG CHANGE

For any queries, contact Pooja Dhamor (8890253685) or Praveena NS (9959235575).

Registration Links

Hello everyone, thank you for your interest in contributing to the society while having fun. Following are the links to our registration forms: Day 1:- 24th July (Friday) Netflix Quiz– Day 2:- 25th July (Saturday) Ludo Tournament– Day 3:- 26th July (Sunday) PubG– Day 4:- 27th July (Monday) Puzzles Night Harry PotterContinue reading “Registration Links”

Rules & Instructions

This post leads you to rules and instructions to the games of your interest: Netflix Quiz- Ludo- PubG- Harry Potter Trivia: Sudoku- Tambola- Pictionary- UNO-

Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access!

Visit main IDIA website for a better insight into the work we do- or check out our LinkedIn page-

Reach out to us in case of any queries- Pooja Dhamor (8890253685) and Praveena NS (9959235575). The aforementioned people can be reached in order to make donations to IDIA Rajasthan Chapter.

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